Wetenschappelijk onderzoek heeft aangetoond dat regelmatig bewegen de sterftekans met 20 tot 40 procent verlaagt. Even nadenken geeft aan dat de sterftekans 100 procent blijft.

A printer consists of three main parts: the case, the jammed paper tray and the blinking red light.

Before I got married I didn't even know there was a wrong way to put milk back in the fridge.

Relationship status: My wife asked me what I wanted for dinner and then told me I was wrong.

Whenever you feel stupid, remember there are people outside looking for Pokémon.

I wish there was a rollover plan for childhood naps I refused to take.

Scientists were excited this week at having isolated a brief sound which occurred immediately before the Big Bang. Apparently, that sound was "Uh oh!"

Een geordende reeks van minst naar meest gebruikte voorwerpen wordt vaak ten onrechte een puinhoop genoemd.

My wife said I need to grow up. I was speechless. It's hard to say anything when you have 45 gummy bears in your mouth.

Op een dag vind je de vrouw van je leven,... en dan bèn je al getrouwd, natuurlijk.