Want vergeet nooit het Nederlandse gezegde: Na zonneschijn komt regen.

I have a tendency to be wrong, because I'm human and not the smartest one at that.

Life doesn't hand me lemons, it fires them at me rapidly from a lemon cannon.

On my top 10 list of favorite things to do, camping comes in at about number 179.

I haven't given up on getting my body in shape for summer. It's just not going to be THIS summer.

If she says, "I'm OK," you're fine. If she says, "I'm fine," you're not OK.

Kinderen zijn net als scheten: je eigen zijn niet erg, maar die van anderen onuitstaanbaar.

99% of the steps on my FitBit are walks from my desk to the office kitchen looking for free donuts.

This pregnancy test confirmed my worst fear: I'm just fat.

Obituaries are the first thing Granny checks in the paper on Saturdays. I think she enjoys getting through to the next round.